5 Reasons You Should Learn Guitar

1. The guitar is a path to enlightenment.

Playing guitar is a form of active meditation. When you’re fully engaged in playing your guitar, you enter a flow state where time and identity fall away. All that’s left is a seamless connection between you, your instrument, the music, and the Now.

And, just like meditation, regular practice of the guitar will teach you discipline, strengthen your willpower, and improve your focus and memory — all skills you can leverage in other avenues of your life.

2. A guitar makes the perfect companion & wingman.

You’re never alone when you’ve got your guitar with you.

More portable than a piano, cheaper and easier to care for than a dog, and great for picking up girls… a guitar is the ultimate travel partner.

Hitchhiking is easier with a guitar. Folks will buy you drinks in bars. You’ll find you’re welcome just about anywhere people are gathering to have a good time: backyard BBQs, beach fires, house parties, and more…

A guitar is as good as a free pass and a friendly introduction wherever you roam.

3. Guitar is a fun way to make money and travel.

Once you know a couple of tunes, you’re good to go.

Hit the street and busk for beer money.

Go to an open mic and make new friends.

Start a band and record an album.

Get in your van and tour the country.

Book a gig on a cruise ship and see the world.

The possibilities are endless.

4. Playing guitar is a great way to express yourself.

Many an artistic, introverted young man has found himself drawn to the six-string path.

Just learning to play guitar takes a ton of time and dedication. After that you’ll want to develop your singing voice, work on your stage presence, and maybe even start writing your own songs. This is all easier if you enjoy solitude.

Would you like to spend a lot of time alone in your room, working obsessively to hone your skills and songs so you can take the stage, steal the spotlight, and wow the crowd with a heartfelt performance?

If so, you’ll find songwriting and guitar performance incredibly rewarding, both intrinsically and as a way to gain the attention and approval of others.

5. Chicks dig guitar players.

There are three kinds of men who are irresistible to women: pilots, race car drivers, and guitarists.

The dexterity and finesse required to play the instrument, the vulnerability of expressing emotion through song, the confidence to perform publicly, the power to command the attention of an audience… girls go crazy for this stuff.

Some will never admit it, but every woman has fantasized about being swept off her feet and serenaded by a sexy singer-songwriter (especially if the song was written for her). A heartfelt ballad played at the right moment is a total panty-dropper.

I’ll spare you the frilly details, but suffice to say: everything they told you about guitarists swooping babes en masse is true.